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Earn your Girl Scout Badge

 Workshops and Tours 

The Women's Museum hosts workshops for Girl Scouts of all ages in the Museum gallery.


This year-round experience gives Girl Scouts the ability to explore the Museum and learn about women in history. The workshops focus on encouraging girls to stand up and create positive change in their community through the inspiring stories of women's accomplishments in our gallery and archives.


Fee: $10 per scout and includes workshop materials and general admission. Adult chaperones are free.


Group size: Minimum of eight scouts per program, and a maximum of 24. We encourage partnering with other groups. 

Reservations: We require Scout workshops to be booked at least one month in advance. Workshops can take place on any day of the week as long as they are outside our hours of operations (noon - 4 PM, Weds-Sun)


To book a workshop email 

Girl Scout Workshop: DAISY

Tula, Courageous and Strong Badge


For this badge, Daisies will learn about strong women and how to be strong girls through resources at the museum. The museum will pull from various archives to emphasize the impact of strong and courageous women from fictional characters such as Wonder Women to real San Diegan women such as Mary Maschal, the museum’s founder.


Girl Scout Workshop: JUNIOR

Playing the Past Badge


Juniors can earn their Playing the Past Badge with the Women’s Museum of California. For the badge, Juniors will learn about women throughout the past. Using the Museum’s historical clothing show collection, Juniors will conduct their own fashion show by reciting histories of each piece as their peers dress up.

Girl Scout Workshop: SENIOR

Behind the Ballot Badge


In this workshop, Seniors will be working towards their Behind the Ballot Badge and Ambassadors will be working towards their Public Policy Badge. The workshop will be centered around the film, Iron Jawed Angels. The film will be followed by a discussion of the Suffrage Movement and the Museum’s Suffrage Exhibit. The focus will be on voting, the importance of voting, public policy, and advocacy for change.

Girl Scout Workshop: BROWNIE

Celebrating Community Badge


For this badge, Brownies will learn about community, specifically related to the museum community Mary Maschal created and the community surrounding suffrage. Brownies will take a tour of the museum, tailored to their age group. Brownies will learn the history surrounding Mary Maschal and important Suffrage figures such as Alice Park, plus how the museum became what it is today. The girls will participate in their own suffrage parade, creating signage for change and supporting their own various communities.

Girl Scout Workshop: CADETTE

Journey: MEdia Patch Set

For the journey, MEdia, Cadettes need to complete three patches. The goal of this journey is to explore media and how it influences our everyday lives. Cadettes will learn how to recognize negative messages in media and create a plan of action. At the Women’s Museum of California the Cadettes will work towards the Monitor Patch. The Cadettes will watch the film, Miss Representation, followed by a discussion and projects related to media representation.​

Girl Scout Workshop: AMBASSADOR

Public Policy Badge


In this workshop, Gir Scouts will tour the Museum and learn how women shaped public policy before they had the right vote. Their discussion will be centered around the film, Iron Jawed Angels. They will discuss the importance of having and using the right to vote in changing legislation and learn how to register to vote.