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We encourage children to pursue their dreams and be whatever they want when they grow up. While our message to boys and girls is the same, the opportunity to see themselves in history is not. Women’s achievements in science, scholarship, literature, and other spheres have often been overshadowed by the achievements of men.  When you Give the Gift of Herstory you help fund educational programs at the Women’s Museum that will inspire young people through women of the past. #GiveHerstory by donating to the @womensmuseum  today:

Find out how you can bring #WomensHistory to schools, libraries, and other organizations:  #GiveHerstory @womensmuseum

When you donate to the @WomensMuseum you help fund educational programs that increase the visibility of women’s accomplishments throughout history. #GiveHerstory today:  #WomensHistory

You know about [INSERT NAME OF FAMOUS MAN] but what about [NAME OF HISTORICAL WOMAN]? Help bring the hidden histories of women's accomplishments to light by supporting the @womensmuseum:

Sample Posts

#WomensHistoryBecause “Each time a girl opens a book and finds a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.” Why is #WomensHistory is important to you?

#WomensHistoryBecause knowing the stories of women in the past can inspire us for the future. Learn how you can support the @womensmuseum here:

#WomensHistoryBecause women make up 50+% of the population & it’s time our stories are preserved & shared & celebrated. We will no longer live in the footnotes of history: @womensmuseum  

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