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Trailblazing Women Episode 11: Lise Markham

Crashing through glass ceilings as a powerful broadcast executive and fighting back against discrimination and sexual harassment has made Lise' Markham a legend in the world of television.


This month's Trailblazing Woman shares with Sandra Maas the lessons she's learned along the way and how her work with Senator Dianne Feinstein turned her life-threatening health crisis into positive change

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Women's Film Festival San Diego Submissions Open

The Women’s Film Festival San Diego strives to educate and inspire future generations about the experiences and contributions of women through the art of film.


The festival is a multi-day event that is entertaining, informative and provides audiences with the opportunity to learn about the important topics that affect and inspire women.


WMC Exhibits

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Waves of Feminism

The Women's Museum of California's outdoor exhibit showcases the 3 different eras of feminism and influential women you may - or may not - have heard of.


Re-membering the Chicana Activist Narrative

 Acknowledge the women who dared to assert their place within the Chicano movement of the 1960s. As women. As activists. As Chicanas. 



The opportunities that called women towards California went beyond the gold men were mining for.

Get to know women of the Gold Rush Era.

The Women's Museum of California is funded by donations, grants and membership and through the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors.

We are thankful for this support of our efforts to explore and preserve the stories of women.

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