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MUSES OF THE OLD GLOBE Women Who Made a Difference 
ThIS exhibition was produced by the Women’s Museum of California in Fall, 2017 and curated by Historian, Darlene Davies. it celebrated some remarkable women who played important roles in the history of The Old Globe over a period of 82 years.
Who doesn't love Frida Kahlo?  Thanks to the Google Arts and culture platform we can now enjoy an in-depth look at her life and art in a digital exhibit.
LET'S PLAY MUSEUM - YOU BE THE CURATOR!  Simply Pick a topic that interests you.  Download the easy-to-follow template to create an 18 page digital exhibit.   See how this works by clicking here.   Send us your completed exhibits.
DISCOVER WOMEN WHO CRACKED THE GENDER BARRIERS AND FOLLOWED THEIR PASSION TO BE SCIENTISTs at a time when females were not welcome in the scientific community

Bessie Coleman  First African American Woman Aviator  1892-1926  WATCH HER STORY

Just for laughs! TAKE 5 WITH AMY SCHUMER
The Woman Cards: Coloring Book - Free for you!  an 18 page coloring book of important women.  learn more about the women here.

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